MEL 1 Day Workshop

This 5 hour workshop combines Mindfulness and QBank and Deconstructing the NCLEX Question to get your exam review started. The workshop begins with Mindfulness and QBank where you learn various   exercises to integrate into your exam practice routine. Mindfulness exercises will help you focus your attention and assist in managing test anxiety. You will have the chance to try the Demo module to experience the benefits of mindfulness training while preparing for an exam. You will be introduced to the MEL Mentorship Program which you can use as a strategy to build your network of peers and become a part of Peer Coaching Circles. The Deconstructing the NCLEX Question workshop introduces the NCLEX Exam structure, provides techniques to approach test taking and breaks down the NCLEX question to help you understand how to answer. The combination of the 2 workshops will help you prepare for your exam review effectively by providing the tools and techniques to approach the exam process holistically. At MEL, we believe in an approach that brings mind, heart and body to the exam preparation.


Saturday August 11, 2018. From 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Sunday August 12, 2018.  From 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Li Ka Shing Institute, 209 Victoria St, St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto


MEL Weekend QBank Bootcamp

This 12 hour Weekend Bootcamp will teach you to effectively use the QBank. First, you will learn how to utilize mindfulness techniques as part of your exam practice routine. Your subscription to the MEL QBank Web App is included in the package. On the first day you will learn how to prepare your review notes by taking you through the Assessment Module. The Assessment Module will give you a snapshot of your strengths and weaknesses. The next module you will be introduced to is the Warm-Up exam which will assess your knowledge of basic terminology and lab values. On the second day, you will work through the RN and PN levels. The last section of the QBank is the Simulation Exam where you will experience a similar algorithm to the NCLEX exam. The purpose of the QBank is to prepare you for the actual NCLEX exam by allowing you to experience multiple exam question types and expose you to a similar exam environment. At MEL, we believe that a focused mind, heart and body is the best way to prepare for anxiety provoking high-stakes exams.


Saturday and Sunday August 18 and 19, 2018. From 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Li Ka Shing Institute, 209 Victoria St, St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto


Self-Development and Career Coaching

Thinking Critically Workshop

This three hour workshop will teach you the principles of thinking critically. Critical thinking is the foundation of good nursing practice. General and specific competencies in thinking critically are explored through small group work. You will learn how to develop critical thinking skills through reflective journaling and creating concept maps in individual exercises. The purpose of this workshop is to enhance the ways that your nursing course has taught you to process information using the nursing process as the foundation to your ability to think critically.



The MEL Coaching/Mentorship Program

The MEL Coaching/Mentorship Program has 2 levels with the first tier composed of peer coaching circles where mentors and peers share experiences, knowledge and diverse points of views to enhance nursing practice. The second tier provides access to coaches/mentors at various levels of expertise to answer more complex career questions along with queries about immigration and international issues.