Career Coaching

Mentorship Programs

The MEL Career Coaching program aims to build a community of nurses in two ways. The first formal level is career mentorship for nurses who want assistance to find a job. The second informal level for nurses already in the workplace is to navigate their career into different settings and/or leadership positions. We believe in the power of community and in sharing knowledge and experience for the benefit of everyone who participates in the MEL process.

For the Mentor:

A transformative relationship between mentor and mentee emerges from a complex multidimensional process that takes time to develop. Sharing your knowledge and skills builds community, empowers the mentee and provides mutual personal growth and healing. Beyond the aspects of cognitive and affective levels of understanding self-reflection and creative meaning-making are aspects important to the MEL Mentorship Program. We encourage nurses to participate in fulfilling the need to grow the nursing profession for the future.

For the Mentee:

Choosing to participate in MEL’s Mentorship Program will foster successful nursing careers for new nurses and those in transition or experiencing burnout. Mentorship is an empowering experience which will “stimulate new perspectives about self, others, and world; new opportunities for action; and an expansive vision of possibilities for the healthcare system (Vance & Olson, 1998).” We encourage younger nurses and those new to Canada to build their know-how and confidence by making a connection with a mentor.

Join the MEL Mentorship Program and reap the benefits of a supportive community and ensure your future success.

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