A little about us

At MEL, we believe that the inner place from which we all operate makes a difference to the outcome.

The MEL process is uniquely designed to help nurses pass the NCLEX exam. We take a holistic approach at MEL by preparing mind, body and heart. Along with our Qbank web app, we provide the techniques and tools for nurses to connect with their own rich, inner resources to increase their chances of success in their future nursing careers.

Step 1: Review

Start with our workshops on deconstructing and learn how to confidently answer questions.

Step 2: Practice

Subscribe and try the MEL Nursing Review Question Bank to prepare for your exam.

Step 3: Pass

Passed your licensing exam? Submit your resume and kickstart your career!

Step 4: Connect

Enhance your career by becoming a career coach or sign up for peer coaching circles.

Why choose us

For Success

You will learn techniques, tools and strategies to help pass the NCLEX Exam.

For RN's/PN's

MEL Q-Bank Web App is designed to help you pass the licensing exam.

For IEN's

Our process will help you achieve your goals to become a nurse in North America.

Managing Stress

You will be able to manage test anxiety through our workshops.

Career Growth

MEL will help you open doors to more opportunities. 


You will become a part of the nursing community we are creating to enhance your career.


$ 39.99 / month

1 month QBank Web App


$ 49.99 / 2 months

2 month QBank Web App


$ 59.99 / 3 months

3 month QBank Web App

Learning Modules

 RN/PN Resources

Find information on the NCLEX and the CPNRE to guide you through the application process. Have questions? email us at info@melnursingreview.com


Workshop Series

A series of workshops affordably priced to assist you in developing critical thinking skills, how to de-construct exam questions and mindfulness techniques


Self- Development and Career Clinics

Become a part of our network to learn about new workshops and career enhancing mentorship programs


MEL Nursing Question Bank RN/PN

The Assessment Exam

The Assessment Exam will identify your strengths and weaknesses. Answer all 75 questions and the
report will show where you went wrong. The Exam is structured to let you know what area you need
to brush up on before starting the Practice Exams.


The Practice Exams

The Intro Level checks your foundational knowledge You need 100% in order to unlock each level. The
PN Level questions are based on concepts, disease processes and general nursing knowledge. RN level
questions are in the NCLEX style designed to test your critical thinking capacity.



The Simulation Exam

The Simulation Exam follows the algorithm design of the computer adaptive testing capability of the
NCLEX. The MEL Simulation Exam monitors your path through the questions when you get them right
or wrong. Getting 75 consecutive questions right will give you a pass. Otherwise it will take 265
correct answers in 6 hours to get you through the exam. Good luck!